Interview with Eudore

Interview With Eudore


Can you tell us a little bit more about your background?

My name is EudorePirmez, and I am Belgian citizen. However, I have spent most of my life outside Belgium, since I have studied in Singapore, Australia, Maastricht, and London. Now I am getting ready to study at IE Business School in Madrid. I feel that I am a naturally born entrepreneur. Since I created my own Sushi bar when I was a student and also worked for XanGo as a distributor I have become very excited to do more.

So why anMiM?

At Maastricht University I received a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics. Although the education was excellent, I felt that a bachelor’s degree was not enough to help me reach my goal to work as a brand manager in Asia. Then, after talking with my friends at university, and because I have lived such an international life, I decided the best decision for me was to get a Masters outside Benelux.

Why am MiM at IE?

I want to have a MiM because after choosing anMiM IE came naturally as the best possible choice for me. First it is in Spain located in Madrid, a vibrant city with a culture that I love. Second IE is a very international school, and third the program offers a lot of room for personal development. Finally the quality of the teachers and courses is excellent, as well as the school being number one in Europe today.

How did the MBA Center help you reach your goal?

Of course the reputation of Dr. Hubert Silly in Brussel is huge, and I have numerous friends that have used the MBA center services that are now studying at HEC, LBS, and ESSEC. So therefore it was the natural place for me to study and get prepared. And I have not been disappointed at all! I have received about the best possible prep for my GMAT, and help with my application and interview, learning how to best present myself with confidence. I am sending all my friends to MBA Brussels as I know they will get the best possible prep for their futures.

What would you say to someone who wants to apply to anMiM?

First I would suggest that they carefully consider the program that they want to apply to attending forums, seminars, and talking with alums and current students truly educating themselves about all the options. Second, that they prepare well in advance and organize their time. Especially preparation for the GMAT takes more time than you can believe; personally I thought I would need 2 months, and it took 6 to get the score I wanted. Finally that they work with the best. I can only recommend the MBA center for this as they really supported me in every way through my process to clarify and achieve my goals.