Interview With Jonathan

Jonathan, UC Berkeley BA

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Jonathan, and I completed my bachelors at UC Berkeley with a major in International Business. My case is bit specific because I was tennis champion, a member of the French team and attended the French Open at less than 18 years of age. So then after completing my high school studies I didn’t want suspend my career as a tennis player for 4 years.

Why did you study in the US?

I studied in the U.S. because after being a professional tennis player for 9 years I didn’t want to stop my career at 18 years old, so I decided to apply to UC Berkeley using the services of an agent, as member of the Berkeley tennis team. This way I could practice 4 hours a day and attend regular classes which would have been impossible at French Universities.

Why UC Berkeley?

Berkeley has 3 advantages; it has one of the best tennis teams in the U.S., they have great sports facilities and the climate would allow me to practice outside every day, and most importantly it provides an excellent education. I knew I would not become a top tennis champion, and needed a recognized degree to fall back on.

How did the MBA Center help you?

The MBA center helped me tremendously. As you may know, Dr. Hubert Silly founder of the MBA Center was not only a triathlon champion when he was young, but was also an outstanding tennis player in the top 15 for France, so my agent knew of Hubert’s background, who after competing studied his PhD in the U.S. Of course his academic and professional achievements are a motor for all sports men. Dr. Hubert Silly helped me to prepare for the SAT and TOEFL, and thanks to the scores that I obtained I got accepted to UC Berkeley. I would like to add that due to my experience with Dr. Hubert Silly, when I came back from Berkeley I asked for his assistance again to prepare me for the GMAT and was accepted into the MIM program at ESSEC Business School, one of the best in Europe. So Dr. Hubert Silly was essential in my long term preparation, and I could only highly recommend him for his expertise and skills for others trying to reach for their highest goals.

So what would you say to someone who wants to apply to a top bachelors program in the US?

I would tell them to follow their dream. What I experienced at Berkeley was the best years in my life. Of course getting accepted with a fantastic scholarship would not have been possible if not for my membership on the French team, and having done well in my high school studies. Talking to the other foreigners in my classes I realized that being in the right environment, starting preparation at the age of 16, and being surrounded by the best team of teachers and coaches are essential if you want to get accepted in the best programs.