Interview with Julien

Interview With Julien


Could tell us more about yourself?

I am a civil engineer and I graduated from ULB in Brussels where I got my bachelors and masters in electromechanical and automation engineering. After successfully completing my masters I worked for Sibelga as a project engineer and then as a grid expert and change manager. I have lived most of my life in Brussels even though I have dual Belgian Brazilian citizenship.

Why did you decide to get an MBA?

I wanted to make a career change either to become an entrepreneur in Brazil, a consultant in London, or an energy expert in Germany. The problem was that my professional projects were not sufficiently clear as I had too many ideas at once without a clear picture of my goals. That is why I was looking for a 2 year program during which I could think my projects and direction over and have a better idea of where I wanted my career to go in the next 20 years.

Why LBS?

My brother studied at NYU Stern and I was interested to join him, since he is now a management consultant in NY. However, for personal reasons I decided to stay in Europe. As you may know there are not that many quality 2 year MBA programs available in Europe. There are 2 programs; LBS and ESSEC. I then decided that spending 2 years in London was what I really wanted. Indeed I wanted to become fully fluent in English, get to know the Anglo Saxon culture better, and London is such a cultural and vibrant city! To get all this while studying in a top international and quality program is perfect for me.

How did the MBA Center help you?

The MBA Center helped me on three levels, first to obtain and refine my choice of MBA programs, second my level of English was weak and they helped me become sufficiently proficient to achieve a 720+ GMAT score, and lastly their detailed attention and support throughout my admissions process. By the way their quality and service came as no surprise as my brother had worked with Dr. Silly the year before obtaining his admission to NYU Stern.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to apply to an MBA program?

I would recommend for them to think carefully about where they want to study. There is a big difference between an American and European MBA. I suggest that you prepare early enough as the GMAT and TOEFL prep may take more time than you believe. I believe in the necessity of visiting the school where you want to apply. It is an investment, but you will make sure of your decision and clarify your opportunities.