Interview With Maud

HBS (2+2) MBA

Can you tell us a little bit more about your background?

I am currently a private equities analyst at Ardian. Before going to Ardian, I chose an internship there because I liked the company, the challenge seemed interesting and the sector matched my career focus and goals. After my six month internship, I received a job offer, and felt it was a good placement for me to launch my career.

So why an MBA at this time?

I initially wanted to study one more year outside Europe before starting my career in private equities. Thanks to the advice and support of the MBA center they thought it would be essential for me to study in an English speaking country and be immersed in an international environment for networking and experience. I also wanted to broaden my profile and study social science.

Why Harvard Business School?

I was not aware that someone without experience could do an MBA. However, talking with Dr. Hubert Silly, the founder and CEO of the MBA Center, I found out that it was possible to apply to an MBA, even at one of the most prestigious universities like Harvard Business School with my profile. HBS offers a 2+2 program that allows students to work for 2 years before starting their MBA there. I found this approach very interesting as I could continue to get experience for 2 years in the private sector before getting the management training I desired and then continue my career in private equities in the U.S.

How has the MBA center help you reach your target?

I got an almost perfect score of 8.5 on my IELTS, a750 on my GMAT, and admission to the school that many would dream to go to! Dr. Hubert Silly has been essential first in presenting me with the MBA Harvard 2+2 program, and then for patiently helping me through the application process detail by detail.

What advice would you give to someone applying to a top business school?

First I would tell them to do a thorough and careful research to find the best schools most appropriate to their career. Then to assess their motivation, and third to expect to totally immerse themselves in their process because it is difficult to study, work and prepare the application at the same time. For all of this to work with the best help in all aspects, I can only highly recommend the MBA center.