Interview with Victoire

Interview With Victoire

McGill BA

Could you tell me more about yourself ?

My name is Victoire, I am French, and after completing high school in France I wanted to study abroad. I come from a family of entrepreneurs open to the world and with a great interest in modern art.

Why did you decide to do a bachelor’s in Canada?

I always thought that ultimately I would study in the U.S.; however, I considered that with a Bachelor of Commerce in Canada I could make a softer transition between Canada and the U.S. At the same time the teaching style in Canada has more in common with the teaching style in France.

So why did you chose McGill?

I chose McGill because they have a world known business school and I knew that their courses would satisfy my intellectual appetite. McGill is located in Montreal, a fantastic city and cross-section between old and new, as well as being very vibrant, international, and cosmopolitan.

How did the MBA Center help you?

I did my bachelor’s some time ago. Dr. Hubert Silly first helped me when I was a senior high school student on my way to McGill, and then also helped me when I helped when I wanted to study at HEC and Stanford. I wouldn’t go anywhere else when I need help, as they know me, and always do very utmost to promote the next steps in my career. I go to the MCA Center with great confidence knowing that I will get more than I could imagine in help, support, and advice.

What piece of advice would you give someone interested in applying to McGill?

First, I would recommend evaluating the possible countries where you want to study carefully. Most European students study in the U.S. and Europe. Canada has many benefits as it is cheaper, multicultural, and offers an excellent and competitive education. Mc Gill is the 2nd top university in all Canada, and a better choice than some schools in the U.S.